Well, who is Trudy?

Approved Driving Instructor Trudy is an Approved Driving Instructor. This is a UK term for a trainer of car driving who has been tested and licensed by the Driving Standards Agency to give Driving Lessons. It is a legal requirement that instructors of car driving in the UK must be thus qualified in order to charge for their services.
Approved Driving Instructor Trudy is also trained to DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Levels and has passed all of the necessary exams and tests to gain this accreditation. The DSA ensures that driving instructors are teaching pupils how to drive as best as possible on their driving lessons.
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Trudy is a female driving instructor who has a modern outlook, is reliable, professional and extremely patient. She is dedicated to teaching you to drive safely and as well as possible, while enjoying the experience of learning to drive and having a laugh.

Trudy has a brilliant first time driving test pass rate, with most pupils passing their driving test many driving lessons before the national average. Nervous and less confident pupils are a speciality, so you should have no worries choosing Trudy to learn to drive.